Welcome to 2022

We hope that 2022 finds you well and prospering.  Just a small update on our plans for the year:

  • At the moment, there will likely be a minimal presence of FMTL during Winter Carnival. You may know that in years past we had a really hoping book sale and free hot chocolate in the library on Saturday (which this year is 12 Feb.). Even before omicron reared up (though it may well have burned itself out by Feb.), we had decided to follow last year’s procedure of a couple smaller book carts and to forego the hot chocolate and cookie table. We’ll let you know here if things change significantly.  But as far as we know, the library should be open for you to warm up!
  • The spring book sale is still Thursday and Friday, March 31 and April 1 in the MUB.  Again, we will update as things evolve this winter, but we hope to see you there!